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We are the Republican Liberty Caucus of Oklahoma.

The OKRLC is dedicated to restoring limited government politics to the Republican Party.  This caucus exists to (1) recruit pro-liberty Republican activists and candidates who actively promote the principles of individual rights, limited government, free enterprise, and the adherence to the rule of law, and (2) inform members of pro-liberty happenings in the state, and (3) provide a forum for event coordination, planning and communications.oklahoma23 Solid Back

Founded in 1991, the Republican Liberty Caucus works to advance the principles of limited government, individual liberty and free markets within the Republican Party and throughout America.

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Good leadership requires three things: courage, clarity, and principles. Last night’s vote to raise taxes proves that most representatives in the Oklahoma State House are void of all three. The fifty-one republican House members who supported the massive tax hike last night took the easy way out. Rather than govern in a manner consistent with the principles they claim to embrace, such as lower taxes and limited government, they chose to support the lobbyists and teachers union over the people they represent. Sadly, the legislature’s attempt to appease the OEA at the taxpayers expense actually emboldened the OEA. They are still planning to walk out on our kids April 2nd. They tweeted yesterday: "April 2 is still on.” I want to offer my sincere thanks to the Republicans who again had the courage to stand on basic Republican principles and voted No on one of the largest tax increases in Oklahoma history. Thank you Representatives John Bennett, Kevin Calvey, Bobby Cleveland, Jeff Coody, Tim Downing, Travis Dunlap, John Enns, George Faught, Roger Ford, Tom Gann, Tommy Hardin, Scott McEachin, Jason Murphy, Mike Ritze, Sean Roberts, Chuck Strohm, Tess Teague, Kevin West, and Rick West. Your vote showed courage, clarity of thought, and principled governance.

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There is a disturbing trend coming to light among our state and local government officials. It is the loss of focuses on only providing legitimate essential public services to the community, and, the openness in which they aggressively pursue additional tax revenue, fines, and fees in the name of increasing personal safety, providing free education, insuring equal living conditions and outcomes, and removing any and all suffering from the human condition.

This attitude that government elected officials should have unlimited and unchecked power to enact forced property and wealth redistribution has always been there, but it was always hidden just under the surface. Now given over to more embolden methods by talks of new progressive socialism those back room discussions are coming out of the shadows.

This open season on taxpayers in the name of progress is happening now more openly, in public meetings and forums, freely endorsed by progressive news media as absolutely necessary, especially now during talks of bloated budget reductions and corrupt agency audits.

Our property and fortunes have openly become the public focus of glutinous bureaucratic greed as we the people are seen more and more by unethical state, county, and metropolitan elected officials and bureaucrats as nothing more than their private heard of revenue cows.
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